The ATBAUK 2009 Championships are now over! Bring on the Winter FreeRide

The story of Bristol And District All Terrain Board Club (Team B.A.D.) so far:
Started in the summer of 2002 when a bunch of mountainboarders, that were previously riding on their own, bumped into each other and decided it would be a great idea to arranged to meet up at the same places so as to have more people to ride with.
Since then we've had a meet most weekend, and on wednesday evenings after work/school in the late daylight of the summer months.
Basically we're a bunch of like minded mountainboarders from the West Country area that meet up, share lifts to different locations locally and further afield, and give each other advise on riding & boards etc.
It's been working very well so far, and we've also had some of our riders go to the UK competitions representing Team B.A.D.

We have riders of all levels (beginners - sponsored riders), sex(both), and age (under 10 - late 30's+).

The UK competition scene revolves mainly around the ATBA-UK (All-Terrain Boarding Association) Championships, of which there were 5 rounds this year. Also various club and commercial events, all of which were attended by Team B.A.D members.

Team B.A.D. are deeply immersed in the UK scene, being not only the first regional club formed, but one of the most active.

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Upcoming events

ATBAUK 2010 Event Dates Annouced
2010, http://www.atbauk.org/
Check out the ATBA Website for this years event dates......

Freeride Meet
Sunday 13th Dec 09,
Visit http://www.atbsports.co.uk/msgboard/viewforum.php?f=2 for details

Freeride Meet
18th January 2009, Dry Arch - Bath
Join our resident Hippie getting down and dirt at his local spot! See...

Featured rider:

Zak Campbell

Age: 11 years. Location: Nailsea. Years Riding: One and a half. Board Setup: MBS comp 16 Sponsors: My dad (but he has now run out of funds) looking for help. Favourite Riding Location: L.A. and Aston...